What is KRIYA-Yoga ?



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Life is yoga or unity. Primarily, this means the experience of unity of body, mind and soul and secondly, the unity between the individual personified or embodied soul and the universal divine soul. Kriya-Yoga is a method which furthers the physical, mental and spiritual development of a human being. This leads us to the conclusion that the state of yoga-unity can be reached by gradual degrees. Further, Kriya-Yoga means unity between body, mind and soul in each action at every moment of the daily life.

In fact, all of life is Kriya-Yoga, either conscious or unconscious. All human beings find themselves in this unity. The majority, however, are not conscious of this unity. This is because they identify with the body and the mind and have no contact with the soul, which is their real identity. All suffering, pain and anxiety are only conceptions of the ignorant human mind. Through application of the Kriya-Yoga method and through the grace of God, consciousness expands and develops into true identity. The darkness of the unconsciousness yields to the light of knowledge, and suffering transforms it into everlasting bliss.

Kriya-Yoga is an ancient method that was already mentioned in the Sutras of Patanjali. For a long time this technique has been kept secret. So in 1861 Mahavatar Babaji gave the mission to his student, Lahiry Mahasaya, to make Kriya-Yoga accessible to all people who were interested in it. In 1920 Paramahansa Yoganandaji brought the message of Kriya-Yoga to the West. In his famous book "Autobiography of a Yogi" he graphically and vividly described Kriya-Yoga. This publication shows how helpful and useful this way is for those of us who live in the modern, western world.

Yoga is one of the 6 philosophies of India. Kriya-Yoga is one of the different Yoga arts mentioned in the yoga scriptures and is neither a sect nor a religious community. It is much more a way to reach your true identity independent of religion and belief. If one follows this path with attention, devotion, love and understanding, it will lead to wisdom and experience of the creator and his creation. Kriya-Yoga can be practised by all people of this world.

The Kriya-Yoga technique is imparted by Paramapadma Dhiranandaji from India who comes from the line of authorised Kriya-Yoga teachers (Babaji, Lahiry Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswarji and Paramahansa Yoganandaji).