Who is Paramapadma Dhiranandaji?




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Paramapadma Dhiranandaji, a professional Yoga teacher and an astrologer, was born Samir Kumar Ghosh in Calcutta, India in 1937. Even as a child he learnt the classical form of Yoga. Under the spiritual guidance of two wise Yogis and through a five year study, which trained him to be a classical Yoga teacher, he developed a fundamental knowledge of Yoga.

In 1959 Paramapadma Dhiranandaji was initiated by Swami Hariharanandaji in Puri Ashram in the original technique of Kriya-Yoga, in the tradition of Babaji and his successors (Lahiry Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswarji and Paramahansa Yoganandaji). Under the guidance of his teacher, Swami Hariharanandaji, he quickly reached the higher states of Kriya. In 1977 Paramapadma Dhiranandaji received the order to be an authorised teacher of Kriya-Yoga in the west. For more than thirty years he has regularly led Kriya-Yoga seminars in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From 1977 to 81 he also led seminars in Holland, Belgium, England, Sweden, Finland, Curacao (Dutch Antilles) as well as in North and South America. In 1982 he reached the state of Nirvikalpa-Samadhi, the goal of the way of Yoga.

Since 1986 he has educated students in the teaching of classical Yoga (Astanga-Yoga).

On April 1st, 2011 Paramapadma Dhiranandaji left his physical body and entered mahasamadhi.